About Our Firm

We are committed to providing well-considered strategies, specific to each client’s unique needs and concerns. The client’s well-being is our priority, and cutting corners in providing sound counsel is out of the question.

In overland and off-road driving lingo,

there is a guiding principle when negotiating challenging terrain: “As slow as necessary; as fast as possible.” This means go as slowly as needed not to miss crucial changes or obstacles ahead, but as fast as you can in order to maintain the advantage of momentum.

We approach each client with a similar mindset. If we are negotiating boulders, it’s time to slow it down. If we are on shifting sand dunes, momentum is everything.

Bryan Welch is building a practice to span generations. Like most of our clients, legacy is important to us. We are growing a multi-generational, family-business-oriented law practice to serve our clients and their families and organizations across eras. Our goal is to be the trusted legal advisers to your great great grandchildren, having earned it through many years and a variety of circumstances.

We are focused, methodical, and mindful of the urgency of the work.

You have our full attention.


We excel at listening to your goals and concerns, and navigating you through the complex minefields that stand in your path. We ask the questions that help clarify your vision for what you want to accomplish, and strategize how to get there.

“Minefields” consist of family dynamics, shapeshifting tax codes, opportunistic plaintiffs’ attorneys, disgruntled employees, family and friends struggling with addiction or some other hardship, dissatisfied business partners, bureaucrats and regulators of all stripes.

“Path” includes unexpected twists and turns. Bryan Welch is effective at keeping their fingers on the pulse of changing laws and your own life’s changes, and making sure the strategy pursued remains on course to hit your goals.

As an avid overland adventure enthusiasts, Bryan Welch draws a couple of parallels with his legal practice:

“First, there is the idea of ‘picking your line.’ That means that when encountering any given obstacle, you need to sometimes get out of the vehicle, walk through it, find the boulders, the sharp stumps, the drop-offs covered by thick mud, and carefully ‘pick your line’ of travel through the obstacle to the other side. What happens if you get stuck in the middle? You don’t just hit the gas. You adjust the line, if at all possible. And if not, you have a back-up plan to pull yourself out.

“Secondly, you proceed ‘as slow as possible, but as fast as necessary.’” Speed is important to negotiate certain obstacles or terrain, but sometimes speed is overrated in the provision of legal services, and results in serious damage to your goals. It isn’t faster getting stuck or breaking an axle. That’s true on the trail, and it’s true in your business and estate plans. It’s never quicker doing something four times, which you could have done right, but more deliberately, one time.”

Our professional passion is designing and implementing long-term strategies to help families and organizations grow lasting enterprises. By earning trust and applying a breadth of technical and life knowledge to your specific situation, we fulfill that same vision for our own practice.

Our Job Is To Be Right

Professional passion aside, Bryan Welch also marshals a wealth of specialized knowledge on behalf of their clients. Having begun this practice in the areas of collections and real estate law, over the years they have developed a practice working with clients who have small shops or small residential investment properties, to multi-million dollar telecommunications and energy companies, and everything in between. They have worked with fledgling clients and seasoned veterans of life.

In addition to these practice experiences, we continue to dedicate ourselves to a lifetime of learning for the benefits of our clients:

“However much I love what I do, and enjoy learning about my clients’ goals and business ventures, ultimately, my job is to be right about the things on which my clients seek my counsel. I don’t think I’ll ever quit ‘going to school,’ and I don’t want to. I am a professional learner for the benefit of my clients. Passion cannot replace precision in my line of work.”
~Matthew A. Bryan, ESQ

Strong Families, Building Strong Enterprises, Make a Strong Society

All three are essential to the ennoblement of humanity. Stewardship of families, their various endeavors, and the societies in which they live improves the condition of all. We counsel clients from this fundamental philosophy.

We approach our work with a recognition that we provide just a small component of your success, but we are honored to provide it, knowing your work is crucial to the good of us all.

Liberty & Stewardship

We are friends of liberty and advocates of stewardship. Many have advanced one at the expense of the other, but we are driven to see them both joined to promote the individual, the family and the common good.


“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.”
– J.R.R. Tolkien

Dragons like to steal other people’s wealth and hoard it. Wealth is broader than just money, and we help you plan to meet your stewardship goals for all kinds of wealth, assuming that you will meet a dragon or two along the way.


“We shape our buildings. Thereafter, they shape us.”
– Winston Churchill

We work alongside you to construct the business, real estate development, farm, ranch, family, legacy, or whatever else you might dream of building. We make sure you have the solid legal foundation. The structure will have a lasting impact on everything else you build.


“They which builded … they that bare burdens… those that laded, every one with one of his hands wrought in the work, and with the other hand held a weapon.” –Nehemiah 4:17

In challenging environments, we have to build, and defend what we build at the same time. We build with defense in mind, and defend with building in mind. It is never either/or, but both/and.

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